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Coach Steve's Philosophy

As an archery coach, I will teach anyone who wants to learn.

I will do my best to ensure a positive and engaging learning environment for my archers.

I encourage. A lot.

There are little successes in each lesson, leading up to occasional huge successes. I want my archers to look forward to their lessons, and to look forward to practicing archery in general.

My archers’ goals are my own; I will expose my archers to various aspects of archery in enough detail for them to make sound decisions, and then let them choose their own path.

I also recognize that archers’ goals may change over time.

I will continue to learn and grow as an archer and as a coach. If I don’t know the answer, I will find out. I will use any and all appropriate teaching techniques to ensure that my coaching and my attitude provide value and have a positive impact on my archers’ performance. I will tailor my coaching approach to my archers’ needs to the extent possible.

I will treat my archers, their families, and my fellow coaches professionally and with respect. Each person is an individual with concerns, aspirations, challenges, and experiences.

I recognize that it’s not about me. It’s about my archers and their successes that I have the opportunity to affect. When they succeed, then I have succeeded.

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